To most of us pets are our best companions and friends and the more we get to live with them in our homes, the more we get attached to them. However, when the pets fall sick, it becomes a very enduring moment since sometimes it is hard to know what is going on within their bodies. Dogs, however, are one of the most if not the most favorite pets of all time from a long time ago. Just like human beings have evolved, dogs have also grown to adapt to almost similar diet as humans over the years. They face digestion problems too occasionally that lead to nausea, and it might be difficult to understand what is happening in their body systems, and we mostly end up at the vet’s office for them to get checked out.

With time, different medications and prescriptions have been developed to treat dogs with nausea and CBD oil is one of them. Cannabinoid oil otherwise named as CBD oil is a product of scientific research on the cannabis plant. For a long time, the cannabis plant has been known to be illegal, but the research proved it to have medicinal advantages which have led to the production of CBD oil. When your pet is suffering from nausea, it brings out a bad mood to everything but this can be solved easily since now you can use CBD oil against dog nausea.

What causes nausea in dogs?

  1. 1. Expectant dogs – Just like us, it is normal for our dogs to throw up when pregnant so you do not have to worry much that the dog is sick, but it is essential that you confirm with the vet first.
  2. Intestinal worms – If your dog tends to throw up every time it feeds, it is likely that there are intestinal worms in its stomach. Viral internal infections cause the dog to throw up because of the inflammations and this results in nausea.
  3. The dog could be feeding too fast – If the dog feeds too fast, the food could flow back out, and this happens if the dog is too hungry. To avoid this, feed your dog on time.
  4. Anxiety – If your dog gets continuously anxious, the stomach can be unable to digest food properly and ends up throwing up the food.

How does CBD oil work and how can it help your dog?

There are some different chemicals compositions in CBD oils such as terpenoids, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. Different mammals and humans have cannabinoid receptor sites which are specific to each of them. The different cannabinoids have different anti-inflammatory effects that help in relieving pain, anxiety, aggression, neurological disorders, seizures, skin conditions, tumors and appetite stimulation. CBD oils, unlike the traditional prescriptions, have no severe side effects when used in proper dosage and it does not make the dog feel sedated or high.

Can CBD Oil help against Dog Nausea?

CBD oil has been proved in recent studies that it can be used effectively against nausea in dogs as well as human beings. CBD has anti-nausea or anti-emetic effects that make the oil very effective against nausea. It does this by activating the somatodendritic autoreceptors indirectly. When your dog has diet problems like vomiting after eating, the CBD oil helps to boost the appetite for the dog. Whenever your dog feeds after taking the oil, it will not effects that cause nausea.

Many dogs also tend to suffer from motion sicknesses after traveling and also they tend to throw up when pregnant and CBD oil is a common remedy to prevent them from throwing up. Dogs tend to eat toxic substances while they roam around that can lead to internal infections which could invoke vomiting and nausea. You can use CBD oils to treat the dogs since you can not easily control everything that the dog eats all day.


Apart from treating your favorite pet from nausea, CBD oils have a wide range of treatments in dogs without having long-term effects, unlike the traditional medications. CBD oil can also be used to treat cancer and tumors, to protect the nervous system, treat anxiety, treat chronic inflammations and bowel diseases, and relieve pains that all could lead to nausea. CBD oil is beneficial for pets, but it is crucial that it is gotten from the right place and used under proper instructions. You can get guidance and CBD oil products at Phyto Animal Health and let yourself have all the fun you can with your pet because after all, that is what having a pet is all about.

Can CBD oil help your dog get less nauseous?

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